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The World’s Rockiest Ceilidh Band!!
High-energy jigs and reels cheekily mashed up with rock riffs and rhythms, electrifying fiddle melodies, rocky accordion and guitar underpinned with infectious drum beats. Ever heard Pink Floyd mashed up with a Dashing White Sergeant? Muse’s Hysteria mashed up in The Circassian Circle? You will now! All that, contrasted with haunting Scottish airs and gorgeous waltzes keeps it all full of surprises. You’ll be birlin’ around the dancefloor like experts to all the classic ceilidh dances. And if you can’t handle a full-on Big Shoogle ceilidh for the whole evening then there’s a selection of classic pop and rock covers to keep you on the dance floor, all played live.

You KNOW when you’ve been Shoogled!

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