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Canadian Barn Dance

Canadian Barn Dance Instructions


Couples around the room facing anti-clockwise, Lady on the man’s right. Man has his right arm around lady’s waist. Lady has her left hand on the man’s right shoulder.


2/4 pipe marches. (sometimes done with 6/8 marches but only for big jessies…). We sometimes play Oh Mary Don’t You Weep for this dance. It really swings!

Dance Steps

  1. (Bars 1-2): Walk forward for three steps and hop (or kick).

  2. (Bars 3-4): Walk backwards for three steps and hop.

  3. (Bars 5-6): Move sideways, 4 steps away from your partner (for a count of 4 beats – men towards the centre, ladies towards the outside) and clap.

  4. (Bars 7-8): Back towards your partners for a count of 4 beats (4 steps) and join in ballroom hold.

  5. (Bars 9-12): In ballroom hold, 2 steps to the man’s left, lady’s right, then 2 steps back in opposite direction.

  6. (Bars 13-16): Use four step-hops to polka anti-clockwise round the room for 8 beats.