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Ceilidh Dance Instructions

Learn to ceilidh dance the Big Shoogle way!

Here’s a list of the regular ceilidh dances that The Big Shoogle play, along with instructions on how to perform each dance. We’ve found over the years that these are the dances that the majority of people can grasp and therefore enjoy. We can of course play for other ceilidh and country dances if you and your guests know the steps. And our expert dance caller will talk your guests through all of the dances on the night – so everybody can participate and have a good time!

Dance Ratings





Britannia Two-step – Pure dawdle… 60 calories

Canadian Barn Dance

Cumberland Square Eight – Crash helmets & parachutes recommended – 400 calories!!

Dashing White Sergeant – 275 calories

Gay Gordons – Mild

Highland Schottische – 250 calories

Military Two-step – Easy peasy lemon squeezy – 60 calories

St. Bernard’s Waltz – Very mild!

Strip the Willow – If you’re a big jessie stay in your seat – 375 calories