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Cumberland Square Eight

Cumberland Square Eight (sometimes referred to as “The Helicopter Dance”)


Square Set ie. 4 couples set like the 4 points of a compass (North, South East & West) one couple standing with their back to the band, one couple facing them (facing the band) (They are known as “Head Couples”)The other 2 couples (East and West) are known as “Side Couples).


Info about the music…

Dance Steps

  1. (Bars 1-8): Head Couples in waltz hold dance across (Men pass back to back), dance back to places (Ladies passing Back to back)

  2. (Bars 9-16): Side Couples do the same across the way…

  3. (Bars 17-24): Head Couples dance RH wheel, then LH wheel and back to places

  4. (Bars 25-32): Side Couples do same (Rh wheel, LH wheel)

  5. (Bars 33-40): BASKETS!!! Head couples into centre, 2 ladies now looking diagonally across at each other, men same. Ladies arms over mens’ shoulders. Hold on TIGHTLY!!!!, men’s arms round the small of the ladies’ backs. Lift ladies up off floor and spin them clockwise for a count of 16 beats. If this is done properly, the ladies’ legs should be horizontal like helicopter rotors!! HA HAA!!

  6. (Bars 41-48): Side Couples BASKETS!! Same as bars 33-40

  7. (Bars 49-56): All circle 8H round and back

  8. (Bars 57-64): All promenade round anticlockwise.

Check all underwear still on, check all limbs still intact and repeat.
Crash helmets and parachutes recommended. 4 chillies and 400 calories!!
You KNOW when you’ve been Shoogled!!!!!