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Military Two-step

Military Two-step


Couples around the room facing anti-clockwise, ladies on the right.


6/8 marches or Shetland-style two-step tunes. Or 6/8 Military marches a la Sousa…

Dance Steps

  1. (Bars 1-2): Lady with hand on man’s shoulder, man with arm around waist, with outside foot (man’s left, lady’s right) “Heel, toe, heel, toe”

  2. (Bars 3-4): Walk forward for three steps then turn towards each other to face in the opposite direction.

  3. (Bars 5-8): Repeat in the opposite direction.

  4. (Bars 9-10): Facing partner and joining hands at arms’-lengthh, bounce on both feet, then kick the right foot across the left. (So, man and lady “bounce, and kick in opposite directions”

  5. (Bars 11-12): Repeat with left foot.

  6. (Bars 13-16): Polka around the room for 8 beats of the music.