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St. Bernard’s Waltz

St. Bernard’s Waltz


Couples around the room in ballroom hold heading anti-clockwise, ladies on the outside.


Waltzes. (surprise, surprise!).

Dance Steps

  1. (Bars 1-4): In ballroom hold, take three steps sideways towards the lady’s right, man’s left, then stamp both feet.

  2. (Bars 5-6): Take two steps sideways in the opposite direction.

  3. (Bars 7-8): Take two steps towards the centre of the room (lady heading forwards with right foot then left foot, man backwards with left foot then right).

  4. (Bars 9-10): Take two steps back out (same feet).

  5. (Bars 11-12): Lady turns under man’s left arm.

  6. (Bars 13-16): Back into ballroom hold and waltz onwards for 4 bars of the music (or 4 counts).