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Highland Schottische

Highland Schottische


Couples in a circle around the room, ladies on the outside, men on the inside, joined in ballroom hold.


Schottisches in 2/4.

Dance Steps

  1. (Bars 1-2): Men with left foot, ladies with right, point toe, bring foot up in front of shin, point toe and bring foot up behind calf. Bounce on other foot on each of these four beats.

  2. (Bars 3-4): Step onto that foot, close other foot behind, step onto the original working foot again, and close original supporting foot behind calf.

  3. (Bars 5-8): Repeat 1-4 with other leg.

  4. (Bars 9-10): Repeat 3-4 (ie step, close, step, hop).

  5. (Bars 11-12): Repeat 7-8 (ie 9-10 in other direction).

  6. (Bars 13-16): Polka around room – step, hop, step, hop – rotating clockwise for 8 beats of the music.

This is a bouncy dance!!! You need to be quite light on your feet.